Modern Romantic Invitation Design

Modern romantic wedding invitation suite

This custom invitation suite, created for a lovely San Antonio wedding, is a perfect example of the marriage of modern and romantic traditional design elements. Each detail adds a level of personalization that uniquely reflects the couple’s vision for their wedding. The wonderful event planners at Cloche Designs helped bring this design together in a cohesive and creative way.

Custom Watercolor Crest

The first thing you notice about the invitations is the gorgeous watercolor floral crest by Sarah Robins Design. Crests by nature have an air of tradition about them, and Sarah’s design manages to be simultaneously modern and old world, which I love. The crest florals anchor the color palette for the rest of the suite. I chose to simplify the crest design for use on the champagne colored wax seals. 

Invitation with watercolor crest and wax seal bound with velvet ribbon

Modern Calligraphy and Typography

I love combining calligraphy with a font that is appropriate for the design goals. This is an example of why it is so helpful for me to see images of things my brides and grooms find inspiring. After seeing some of Laura’s inspiration images, I was able to get a good feel for what kind of typography combinations were appealing to her.

Handmade Envelopes with Letterpress Addressing

The other show stopping element of this suite is the handmade paper envelopes. They add so much beautiful texture and were also a driving element in the color scheme. We chose to letterpress the return address for the outer envelopes and the address for the RSVP envelopes. Having a touch of letterpress served the design well by adding another layer of texture and interest to the envelopes. And of course calligraphy is always the way to go for the guest address and inner envelopes.

Calligraphy Wedding Envelopes

Velvet Ribbon and Edge Painting

The wedding invitation and reply card was printed on duplexed paper creating nice thick edges that were just begging to be painted! I always love trying new techniques, so of course I was tempted to edge paint these myself, but opted instead to send them off to the experienced hands at Czar Press. Part of producing a quality design is to know when and what to outsource, and I’m glad I did. The edges turned out beautifully and really take the suite to that next level of luxury while adding a very modern twist. To tie it all together (sorry, couldn’t resist a good pun!), I used burgundy velvet ribbon fastened with champagne wax seals.

Edge painted invitations
Calligraphy on handmade paper envelope

Invitation Design: Wandering Heart Paper
Creative Direction/Event Planning: Cloche Designs
Watercolor Crest: Sarah Robins Design
Envelopes: Idyll Paper
Wax Seals: Artisaire
Edge Painting: Czar Press

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