Envelope Calligraphy 101

You’re getting SO close to being ready to send out your wedding invitations. Now the monster task of addressing the envelopes is before you. Envelope calligraphy can be the perfect solution to this problem. So how do you hire a calligrapher? What do they need from you, and what can you expect? 

Envelope with calligraphy address

Hiring a Calligrapher

A quick google search is always a great way to start. You can look for people in your local area, but don’t feel limited to those selections. I enjoy working with brides and grooms all over the country. If you aren’t in the Omaha area, I’m happy to ship your order to you (fully insured of course!). 
Instagram and Pinterest are also helpful ways to find ideas and get a feel for a calligrapher’s overall style.

What does your calligrapher need from you?

First, I will want to get to know you and hear about your desired style and overall wedding aesthetic. If I’m not designing your invitations, I will want to see them to make sure everything looks cohesive. I will also want to see any inspiration images that you have found to help you convey the look you are going for.

The other big thing that your calligrapher will need from you is your address list. 
I like to have a Google or Excel sheet where everything is in columns so it is easy for me to stay organized while addressing your envelopes. Here is a free template for an address list that I love. I have included some examples of common name and address formatting. I am always happy to help with any name and address etiquette questions you may have.

Burgundy envelopes with copper calligraphy addresses

What to expect from your calligrapher

When working with a calligrapher, the important thing to keep in mind is that it is a time consuming process. Don’t expect to drop off your envelopes one day and pick them up finished the next. Your calligrapher should be able to tell you their turnaround time and plan with you accordingly. Expect clear communication and ask questions if you aren’t sure about something. 

Expect that your names and addresses will be written as you have provided them on the guest list. Don’t expect your calligrapher to spell check for you, as there is no way for them to know if you spelled a last name wrong or if a zip code is wrong. That being said, I will check with you if I think I’ve found a typo. In the event an error occurs on my end, I will replace the envelope at no additional charge. My goal is to make this process as smooth and easy for you as I can.

All set? Remember to download your free address list template, and contact me to get started on your envelopes!

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